Revealing Rational Newspaper Systems

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Rage, apparently, from the shooter, at a quiet neighborhood field where my former colleagues were having baseball practice before Thursday night’s charity game. As my fellow lawmakers had been when I was shot outside a supermarket in Tucson  six years ago, I was glued to the television, texting former colleagues and dear friends anxiously and offering my prayers as I awaited news. I prayed for my colleagues’ safety. I prayed for law enforcement on the scene. I prayed for survivors of this shooting and their families — you don’t recover from a gunshot easily, or from the terror of knowing you were a target. I prayed for the residents of Alexandria, Va., for kids on their way to school, for people at the nearby gym and coffee shop who were simply going about their days. Mostly, I prayed for courage. For all of them. For all of us. Why courage? Because the times we are in require it. We owe ourselves, our neighbors and our nation courage.

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